Writing Activity Books

The Family Literacy Writing Books provide a sequence of steps for learning to read, write and spell, and were designed to be used as a supplement to the Family Readers. For example, the writing activities book Max Set 1, Book 1 and the phonics storybook Max Set 1, Book 1, are correlated to be taught together as a lesson. The Family Literacy Writing Books are provided for reinforcement and enjoyment. The number of writing pages used in each lesson may vary with individual students and circumstances.


How to Use Writing Activity Books

Page 2 is the same as the word preview page found in the corresponding storybook. This page introduces *new words used in the phonics storybook.  It is an introductory visual overview. Words may be written on the board, or presented on an overhead projector and read together. (sounds are emphasized.)

Page 3 is a guide for writing the sounds spoken to the students as they sound and write the letters and words on their dictation page. (Page 4)

Page 4 is a guide for students to sound and write the words used in the story.

Students use Page 5 to check words they have written on Page 4.  Students reinforce reading and spelling skills as they review the words.

Students may now draw a picture from the storybook on Page 6. These can be colored, posted in the room, kept in a binder/folder, taken home or etc.

On Page 7 students draw a line to connect the words with the pictures that match.

On Pages 8 and 9 students write the beginning and the ending consonants to the words from the storybook.

On Page 10 students circle the words that go with the pictures. One or more words may be circled for each picture.

On Page 11 students write the correct words on the lines provided by each picture.


Set 1


Max Ran

The Bag

The Tan Cab

The Map




Set 2


The Kit

The Big Pit

The Tin Lid

Fizz Mix

Fizz in the Pit



Set 3

Max’s Box

The Bon-Bon Box

The Box Mix

Mom and Dad Hop-Jig


The TV Box



Set 4

Kim’s Bug

Max’s Hum-Bug

Fizz Mud

The Sub

The Whiz-Kid

The Tub



Set 5

A Red Hen

Ben Has a Pet

Ten in a Hut

Hen Pox

Ben in Bed

Ben Will Get Well



Set 6

The Red Rock Dock


The Hop

Tuff-Tug – Tips



Set 7

Overview Pt 2

The Big Hole

The Fumes

Pete’s Bike Ride

The Lemonade Sale

The Gal Pals



Set 8

Max is Six

The Cake

The Rope

Oak Hill Ranch

Time to Ride

The Picnic



Set 9

Miss Vie

The Time Box

The Haircut

The Big Deal

Me and the Bee



Set 10

Boe E. Toad

Number Fun

The Neat Game

Max the Grand

The Prize

A Nifty Ball of String



Set 11

At The Fair

A Package from Hong Kong

Snores and More

The Video Show

Robin Hood’s Cook

Humps and Lumps



Set 12

A Night to Celebrate

A Trip to China

A Game for Champions

Boyer’s Toy Store

The Confection Connection