Family Readers for Children

This is a set of 72 readers for children that proceeds systematically and logically through
phonetic principles and sight words. The Family Readers and the 6-set Adult Readers are an
easy way for students to learn phonics with meaningful, connected text. The booklets for
children and chapter books for adults contain built-in guides for the teacher/tutor: the front cover
lists new vowels, consonants and sight words to be taught in the story; the back inside cover
suggests questions and approaches to increase comprehension.

The 72 storybooks are divided into 12 sets. Each set contains six books. These are the books
that all beginning readers learn from.

Sets 1—6; introduce and review short vowels.
Sets 7—9; introduce and review long vowels.
Sets 9—10; introduce consonant blends, numbers, word endings and review.
Set 11 introduces phonics clusters and combinations.
Set 12 introduces sight word practice, diphthongs, digraphs, and hard and soft c and g.

There are over 2500 words introduced in the Family Readers.  To see examples of the Family Readers, follow the links above.