About Us

The goal for beginning and struggling readers is to master basic decoding skills – skills in “sounding out” words.  Fortunately, most words in the English language are phonetic and can be learned in this manner.  Many words of course, must be memorized.  To be a good reader the beginner must:


  • Learn the alphabet     (names of letters)
  • Learn sounds of individual letters—consonants and vowels
  • Understand that reading goes from left to right
  • Memorize key sight words


The Family Literacy Reading Program is designed to be an enjoyable reading/ writing program for beginning readers whether they are children or adults. Students increase their skills by beginning with the simplest words and patterns in our language and gradually progress through the more advanced elements needed for them to be successful, independent readers.  The basic program is structured around both computer based, print and video materials.  Because the computer based materials are produced by two commercial firms, there is a charge for them.  They can be found here.  All of the other materials included in the Family Literacy Reading Program are free and can be downloaded here.