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Lexia provides a flexible, Web-enabled technology that is scientifically based and proven to increase reading proficiency. The program features a focused and intensive method for helping students maximize learning time for key reading skills, while providing educators with ongoing assessment and dynamic data to continually make differentiated instructional decisions. Scientifically based, peer-reviewed studies conducted in Texas, Massachusetts, Utah, Connecticut and the United Kingdom have consistently shown the effectiveness of Lexia’s products with multi-ethnic populations. Using Lexia Reading software, the achievement gains by study groups proved to be significantly superior to those achieved by control groups receiving equal amounts of traditional instruction and practice. In addition, a 2008 review of Lexia Reading by the Florida Center for Reading Research categorized it as a “comprehensive intervention” program, giving it high marks as an appropriate intervention for students pre-K through adult; the broadest range of any program reviewed.


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Reading Plus:

The initial administration of InSight serves as a screener and placement test. Administrators and teachers can administer the InSight assessment up to two additional times throughout the year as a benchmark to measure student progress over time. Data gathered from InSight determines a student’s initial placement within each of the Reading Pluscomponent programs. This data also is used to provide weekly assignment recommendations in each program.


SeeReader is an intelligent web-based eReader that dynamically responds and adjusts to student performance. Students read literary and informational texts, and then answer questions about each text to assess comprehension. SeeReader features over 1,000 text selections and the content library is expanded and enhanced on a regular basis. Text selections are available from first grade text complexity through College and Career Ready text complexity. Click here to access our complete list of SeeReader selections.


ReadAround builds students’ knowledge of words that are essential to general academic knowledge. Students learn words that that they will encounter repeatedly across multiple curriculum areas. As students learn words in ReadAround, they develop contextual analysis skills that will help them unlock the meaning of other unfamiliar words when they encounter them in text.

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