Lexia Reading Testimonials

Praise for Lexia Reading®

Intelligent Branching: “Once a student is placed at the appropriate level and activity based on the teacher’s assessment of the student’s needs, a recursive branching system that is built into the Lexia software automatically directs a student to the needed level of activity difficulty, depending on the student’s response. Students are given support throughout the activities with cues offered when needed and additional lessons provided when they experience difficulty.”

– Florida Center for Reading Research


Student Experience: “Students are given support throughout the activities with cues offered when needed and additional lessons provided when they experience difficulty.”

– Florida Center for Reading Research


“A strong reading program should be backed up by true efficacy data which is found only in studies published in peer-reviewed journals. A successful reading program must have a specific scope and sequence, provide extensive cumulative practice, and integrate new content with previously learned content. Lexia Reading does all of this.”

– Dr. Patricia G. Mathes, Ph.D, Professor of Literacy and Language Learning, and Director, Institute of Reading Research for Southern Methodist University


Lexia Reading® provides English language learners, and students who struggle with learning to read, multiple opportunities to practice the essential components of an effective intervention program. The components include: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension. All students can achieve literacy with Lexia Reading.”

– Elsa Cardenas Hagan Ed.D., University of Houston, Valley Speech Language & Learning Center


Lexia Reading® is a very valuable program for ESL students. We put our ESL students on Lexia Reading right away to help expedite the process of English language acquisition.”

– Brent Walker, Principal, Westside Elementary School, Powell, Wyoming

“Our district is currently using Lexia Reading® software in K through 2nd grade and we are impressed with the results. Rapid gains by our students are evidenced by the progress reports generated by the program. The reports are easy to access and you can see at a glance how students, classrooms, and schools are progressing through the levels.”

“Students love Lexia Reading®. They enjoy the interface and they enjoy being able to see their progress as they complete activities.”

“Our teachers like Lexia. It isn’t just a reading software program to keep kids busy and hope they learn something. Lexia Reading actually is aligned and supports what we are teaching in the classroom. This makes Lexia powerful for teachers.”

– Brian Fry, Curriculum Director from Ennis, Texas

“Student interest and enthusiasm for the program did not diminish over time, and the children who passed to new levels of the program expressed excitement and a sense of accomplishment about doing so.”

“The Lexia Reading® program complements and even, at times, serves as an alternative to teacher-directed classroom instruction.”

“Lexia’s built-in assessment and reporting allowed teachers to plan instruction and directly teach students the necessary skills. We have never been able to uncover before so easily areas where students are struggling. Now with Lexia, we can see immediately if a student or group of students is having trouble with a specific reading skill.”

“Valuable diagnostic tools help teachers uncover and then support weaknesses and misunderstandings in pre-literacy and literacy development.”

“We are eager to expand the many benefits and opportunities Lexia affords all student and staff within our school.”

– Leslie Stackhouse, Spencer Van Etten Elementary School, Van Etten, New York


“The use of Lexia Reading® not only helps students who are struggling to read, but it also allows students who are way above the minimum competency to soar.”

– Aaron Turpin, the executive director of information technology and assessment for Hall County Schools

“I have watched all the students use this program over the last 2 years and can highly recommend it.”

“It is a very valuable program for ESL students. We put our ESL students on Lexia Reading right away to help expedite the process of English language acquisition.”

“Students like the game format of the program and work hard to get to the next level. They find the program challenging and it holds their interest.”

– Brent Walker, Principal, Westside Elementary School, Powell, Wyoming


“In the fall of 2007, the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children piloted Lexia Reading® V5 as a technology supplement in the hospital’s Luke Waites Center for Dyslexia and Learning Disabilities. The Lexia Program has been a valuable addition to the curriculum Take Flight: A Comprehensive Intervention for Students with Dyslexia. The program provides independent practice and reinforcement for the phonological awareness, phonics and decoding skills the students are learning. The children look forward to their time on the computer and enjoy using Lexia to improve their reading skills.”

– Karen Avrit, Director of Dyslexia Education, Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children


“Students come into the computer lab, sit down and log in. It’s that easy. I don’t need to instruct them because the program clearly states the instructions. I enjoy watching them progress through the different levels. It gives them a confidence boost. You can’t beat that!”

– Brian Fry, Curriculum Director from Ennis, Texas


“Our district is currently using Lexia Reading® software in K through 2nd grade and we are impressed with the results. Rapid gains by our students are evidenced by the progress reports generated by the program. The reports are easy to access and you can see at a glance how students, classrooms, and schools are progressing through the levels.”

– Brian Fry, Curriculum Director from Ennis, Texas


“We are getting rave reviews from everyone using Lexia Reading v5. I had 1 student today that said he would rather work on Lexia than go to recess. That was quite a compliment.”®– Carolyn Mucci, Reading Consultant, Andrew Avenue Elementary School


“Lexia Reading® is like having another teacher in the room to provide individualized instruction. The quality of the program and the ease of student management make it a perfect companion to my instruction and play a big part in my students’ increase in reading skills.”

– Beverlee Thomas, Teacher, Fossil Ridge Intermediate School


“Lexia v5 provides teachers and administrators a daily snapshot of students’ needs and progress—what skills a student can do and what skills need to be re-taught. This critical information is powerful for daily planning of instruction, date meetings, SPED team meetings and at parent conferences.”

– Grace Marie Greeno, Director of Literacy, Revere Public Schools


“Lexia helps me with my reading a lot. I would recommend it to other kids because they would probably enjoy it just like I do. ”

– Rob Hueber, a 3rd grade student

“Lexia is an excellent product. I’ve already recommended it to several friends.”

– Ms. Jeanne Holmberg, parent and teacher, Dillon, CO

“It shows pictures, repeats words, and helps you learn. I can’t wait to use it at my school. I never understood accenting, but I can figure it out now. It’s better than my teacher!”

– Emily Carabelas, student, 7th grade, Glen Arm, MD

“Lexia is an important component of our language arts curriculum. We began using Lexia for students who were experiencing difficulties in basic reading skills. Within a very short time, all our students were using the program. They enjoy the graphics and become engaged in interactive activities. Lexia is one of the few programs that students find difficult to leave. To this day Lexia serves as the most important skill building component of our language arts curriculum.”

– Christian H. Lavoie, former Principal of the Ruth C. Kinney Elementary School in Islip Terrace, Long Island

“Lexia provides 4 key benefits: 1) it engages the kids, 2) it helps the teacher manage and monitor the teaching process, 3) it provides a structured curriculum that I can depend on, and 4) it helps kids to shift to effective word attack strategies early. I feel that every child needs the kind of phonological awareness taught in the activities.”

– Cathy Milton, Special Education Teacher at the Claypit Hill School in Wayland, MA

“The best software I’ve seen for kids. The kids come in on their off time, and they keep coming. We have recommended it highly to the district.”

– Ms. Jan Curry, Research Director, Sierra Enterprise Elementary School, Sacramento, CA

“Lexia is a natural extension of the instructional process.”

– Ms. Beth Brown, SPED teacher, Peter Noyes School, Sudbury, MA

“Before saying the Pledge of Allegiance, the kids are in the back of the room using Lexia. They light right up when they use it.”

– Ms. Ginny Smith, Technology Coordinator, Hennessey School, Lawrence, MA

“We have found this very successful with our Title I remedial reading students.”

– Ms. Carol Lord, Birmingham, AL

“I want to thank you for your wonderful programs. Children can use this and get immediate feedback. The sequence of skills taught correlate with some of your major reading intervention programs. Keep up the great work!”

– Pat Schaefer, Reading Specialist, Special Education programs, Grades K – 12, Murfreesboro, TN

“We use the Lexia program at various levels in North Attleboro and find it to be one of the most beneficial programs for our students.”

– Ms. M. A. Brissette, North Attleboro Schools, MA

“We have started a pilot with Lexia in our building for all grade levels K – 6. We have tested all our pilot students with a standardized test so we will be able to see results at the end of the year. So far, the teachers have found the program to be such a useful tool for our students, they are starting to schedule our computer lab for their whole class to work on it. I was a reading specialist for 12 years (and a classroom teacher for 14) before becoming a principal, so I knew what I was looking for in a program and wanted one based on sound research. Lexia does everything we had hoped for–all done without taking up more teacher time. Our students love working with the program and often choose to do it during rainy recesses and any extra class time they have.”

– Cindy Weldon, Principal, Briarcrest Elementary, Shoreline, WA




Praise for Lexia by Product

Lexia Primary Reading (Phonics Based Reading)

“My 7-year-old son absolutely has a blast with the Phonics Based Reading program. He is able to understand and follow the directions, move throughout the program, and change levels without any adult help (great for busy parents!). I would highly recommend this program to any parent who has a child in need of extra help or just to use as a refresher.”

– Melissa Petrey, Reviewer, The Kid’s Domain

“Lexia’s assessment and Phonics Based Reading programs have become an integral part of our curriculum especially for our younger students. Teachers report that ASSESS [now called Lexia’s Quick Reading Test] pinpoints individual weaknesses needing additional instruction and practice while the Phonics Based Reading and Strategies for the Older Student programs provide needed reinforcement on a teacher independent basis…Our teachers appreciate Lexia’s ready and able support and we all look forward to a long and continuing productive relationship.”

– Thomas W. Needham, Headmaster, The Carroll School, an internationally known school for children with reading disabilities in Lincoln, MA

“I am writing this letter to express just how impressed we are here at our school with your Phonics Based Reading software program. I am presently using it in my 3rd grade special education resource room. As the year has progressed, its usage has become a fundamental, very effective part of our everyday work in my room. It is really that good. I have researched and used many other skill reinforcement programs, but yours is far and away the best that I have seen. Your approach is logical, systematic, highly motivating, and very effective in producing true mastery of the skills involved. The authoring capability and summary report functions are very helpful…I have highly recommended this program to many people.”

– Tom Sayers, Special Education Program Leader, Parker Memorial School, Tolland, CT

“The news is spreading about the wonderful things offered in Phonics Based Reading. The teachers who previewed it in my school are RAVING about it, and…our assistant principal LOVED it!”

– Janis Maliszewski, IT Director at Murkland Elementary School, Lowell, MA

“My class has been using the Lexia Phonics Based Reading Program for almost 1 month. They absolutely love it! They wake up every morning so excited to come to school and jump on that computer! I am so happy to see my class enjoying learning so much. I really think that this program will make a difference in phonics learning. Thank you for developing this program.”

– Ms. Lisa Johnstone, 1st grade teacher, Oak Hill Episcopal School, Ardmore, OK

Lexia Strategies for Older Students (SOS)

“My 80 year old father loves Reading S.O.S. He is like a little kid with a new toy! Starting out was hard for him, but he is very bull headed to learn how to read and is getting a little better every day. My parents went out for breakfast with my sister and her husband, and my dad read what he wanted for himself for the 1st time in his life! Thanks again for all your help.”

– Theresa, Grant, MI

“I wish I had it when I was younger. It would have helped me tremendously. It can still help me.”

– Ronnie Gensler, student, age 17

“This is one of the best programs I have tried, not only for vocabulary, but also for SAT prep. I wish I had this program through middle and high school.”

– Rachel Denrich, student, age 17, Owings Mills, MD

“Our 11 year old son Samuel is dyslexic and has had great difficulty learning to read and spell and has poor phonological awareness. We have been working with the Lexia Reading SOS programme for 4 months (in conjunction with working with a SPED teacher) and Samuel has made significant progress over this time. The SOS programme teaches good reading strategies for children who have difficulty with language and we have found it to be an interesting and successful programme. One of the best things about it is that you can accurately and quickly determine the areas which cause the most difficulty and then address these areas with the programme. Samuel has had fun while learning and has been keen to use programme. A little time spent each day having fun on the computer has made learning more fun and less stressful for him, and he can do it at his own pace. His younger sister, who has no learning difficulties, has also used it and her reading has become more accurate and fluent.”

– Jeanette and Martyn Stanley, New Zealand

“Since we started using Lexia software, students progress at a much faster pace. Some have skipped entire books in our curriculum!”

– Elaine Cheesman, Director, Read to Succeed, an adult literacy program in Hartford, CT

“We have found the perfect technological program to use for re-enforcement and enrichment for secondary students which is phonics base–and it works! Lexia SOS provides our secondary students with an analytic approach to phonics which is effective and enjoyable. It provides support through a format that a secondary student does not find demeaning. We have seen an average growth in decoding skills of 2 or more years in 1 semester.”

– J. Lawson / A. Greggerson, Reading Specialist and Teacher, Grades 9 – 12, El Paso, TX