6 Steps to purchase Lexia Reading


Lexia 2009 Awards

In April, 2009 Lexia Reading was recognized by Scholastic Administr@tor magazine as a “Best in Tech” award winner, and was also recognized by Scholastic Instructor magazine as a Teachers’ Pick for its Lexia Reading® program.

Winner of the EdNET 2009 Impact Award.  The Impact Award is part of the prestigious EdNET Industry Awards; an annual awards program that commends businesses and non-profit organizations that have made important contributions to the education industry through their products and services. A panel of leading education industry experts selected the one winner for each category of the EdNET 2009 Industry Awards, which are coordinated by EdNET sponsor Educational Systemics® and MDR, the leading provider of marketing information and services for the U.S. education market.

6 EASY STEPS: to Purchase Lexia

1)      Look at the following links describing each product to decide whether to purchase Lexia for one year per student.  You receive access to all three programs and an automatic placement screen to put the student(s) into the right program.  The students are automatically advanced as they progress in the activities.  The cost is $174.95 for the first student for one year and $109.00 for each additional student in the same family for one year.  Technical support and help through the programs are provided by the Family Literacy Program. Please do not call Lexia - they will just refer you to us.

         Early Reading (Click here and go to "Product Tour".

         Primary Reading (Click here and go to "Product Tour".)

         Strategies for Older Students (Click here and go to "Product Tour".

2)      Buy the programs. (Click here)

3)      Download the Lexia programs  (By Clicking Here

4)      Install the programs (For instructions click here.)  Use the following customer code: 0682-8936-7953-0603. (Make sure you include the dashes!)

5)      Click here to obtain username and password. If you need help, please call us at 800-580-4275 (Toll Free)  Note: The username and password you received in your receipt for payment is not the username and password you need to receive from us to make the programs run.  Call 800-580-4275 for help if you need it.

6)      Use the Programs (For instructions click here)  (pdf file)

Student Progress Reports:  If you would like a report on how your child/student is doing, please send us the student's name, grade, and state. Also, for privacy reasons please make sure that you send the email from the email that you used when you first purchased Lexia. Please feel free to include any questions that you might have! Please email your request to dgreen@flcinc.org or egreen@flcinc.org just give us the Students Name, Grade and State, Thank you!

If you forget your username and password: Please contact us by phone 800-580-4275 (Toll Free) and after some verifying questions we will email your username and password to you.

Windows 7 users:  You may need to right-click the installer, choose Properties, then click the Compatibility tab, and check the box to turn on compatibility mode and set it to act like Windows XP Sp3. Then click Apply and exit. The installer should run fine after that.

For those using a MAC and Safari we recommend you click here to download and use Firefox as your browser to shorten the download time.


To Download a Teacher's Guide to the Lexia Programs Click Here

For System Requirements click here:


For Skill Builders go here